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Everything You Need For Keeping Your Children Safe

At Safer Kidz we have an extensive resource base that has been set up with the ultimate goal of making our children safer. We have included information for parents on how to protect their children from bullies and how to encourage children to talk about the challenges that they face.

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Safety Resources

Keeping your child safe is the number one priority for most parents. In South Africa particularly this is an important issue. With that in mind, we have collated the following resources dedicated to keeping your children safe in all areas of life.

Swimming lessons – many parents have Virgin Gym memberships in South Africa. All Virigin’s with swimming pools have qualified instructors who are able to offer swimming lessons for children.

Childcare – this requires extensive research and often works well if you have recommendations or referrals from friends. We would also suggest that specialised Nanny agencies are also a good way to find reliable childcare.

Road Safety Рmuch has been written on the issue of child safety on the roads. Having a car seat and making sure that your children are strapped in is only the first step. We work closely with agencies that promote safe driving and offer help for people wanting to pass their k53 learners test and get their driving licence here. We also suggest that you take the time to read through the Arrive Alive website for more safety tips. If you need driving lessons please view our sponsons Driving School Near Me. You can find them here: DrivingSchoolNearMe.co.za.

Teen Safety – when your teen gets their learners permit, make sure that you’re up to date with the latest knowledge to help you choose the best cars for teens.

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